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Founder Kanja Waithira. “ Who Says What’s Normal?

How do we tackle down stigma? How do we deal with patterns of stigma in different fields and situations? What would you do to create a healthy mind? How do we not let someone else opinion affect us. 

By accepting people’s opinions and adjusting to their thoughts might cause fatal outcome to your own way of thinking. And in acceptance to your adjusted life by others can make one or turn an individual to feel like a failure. 

Because then you abandon your real and creative side of yourself. You start to believe what they are saying is true about who you are. You start practicing their thoughts. You then fail yourself by  taking these actions. You get depressed and trying to fit in a world that you already fit in. Now, who’s to blame for your failures?

Chairman & psychologist: Caroline  Margarete Therese Von Taysen.

Secretary: Marleen Stofberg.

Treasurer & social worker: Margaret Wambui