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  1. it is great co-facilitate the hearing voices group in kampala along side Dr dave Baillie and would be delighted to share my experience and knowledge of how to run a group i am an expert by experience and involved in mental health work.

  2. Dear Sirs

    I am searching for a psychiatric nurse named Walter Opondo, he would be retired now – probably in his 70′s/80′s. He worked in the UK for a while in the mid 1960′s and then returned to Kenya.

    If you know him could you please advise me how I can contact him, or pass on my email address to him/his family.

    Kind Regards, Amanda Ockendon

  3. Acrodile has just released two new books (African editions) as follows
    a) ‘Your A-Z on Mental Health’ is a basic information book on mental health.

    b)‘Contemporary Psychiatry in Africa’ by David Musyimi Ndetei and Christopher Paul Szabo .
    This book is recommended for
    1.Researchers and practitioners in different areas of mental health
    3.Postgraduate students pursuing various aspects of mental health
    4.undergraduate medical students
    5.Diploma medical students

    We would be glad to email you selected sample chapters to guide your further evaluation of the 2 books and subsequent requests for quotes.
    Kindest regards
    Kennedy Chadeka
    Acrodile Publishing Ltd
    Nairobi, Kenya

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