Xoulafriq’s’ Art

Brian Erastus Xoulafriq,
the founder of Normal Difference Mind Health Kisumu,
is also an artist and designer.
He designs jewelry known as Marble Art,
he is a painter and a maker of all kinds of beautiful things –
and as of late, he is a shoe designer.

Check out some of his work:






Here is his latest design:
Click below to check out the MUFANA blog:
Mufana – hand made comfort shoes

The designs are inspired by African colors and patterns and are durable shoes made to last.

  Ranging from closed shoes to the simplest of flip flops, we are here to make you enjoy comfort and style as you walk along.


Xoulafriq is also a painter.
He studied arts at the Mwangaza Arts School in Kisumu and graduated in 2011. Here is a selection of his paintings:


Next to his paintings, he has also made himself a name as a graffiti artist, as you can read in the following newspaper article:
Here, in the Normal Difference office, you can also find some of his artwork,
inspiring the Kisumu youth to also engage in their creative talents.