“Who Says What’s Normal?”

The documentary film about Normal Difference is out!!

Its preview will be in Berlin, Germany on Sept 14th.

This is the World Hearing Voices Day and it is celebrated worldwide by Hearing Voices communities.
The German Hearing Voices Network “Netzwerk Stimmenhören e.V.” will celebrate by screening the documentary in the Neukölln Town Hall.


Intervoice, the International Community for Hearing Voices will hold the international preview on Sept 21st in Cardiff, Wales, as part of the Intervoice Meeting and 4th World Hearing Voices Congress.

You can get a copy by contacting one of us through the contact page.



Janeqo in “Who Says  What’s Normal?”:
“When I make my work, you can see the emotion in my work.
Because as I spin on wires, as I bead on, it’s like an energy that I’m letting out.
It’s like a negative energy of sadness, of depression, of stress, of worry
that then just moves away.”

Normal Difference arts sold at the Intervoice conference in Cardiff.

…. the photos were taken on the last day, so lots of the jewelry was sold already.

 …here’s the view of the conference from behind the stand:

It was a great conference, once again.